Willy Santos

Truck setup: Tracker Axis size 129 Raw Base/ Black Axle What do you skate and what is your favorite spot: I enjoy skating street but I’ll try to skate anything as longs as I’m having fun.  My favorite spot is anywhere that you don’t get kicked out while skating with some homies.
What keeps you going: My family, my homies that I’m skating with & I just never get can leave the board down.  It’s too fun. What is your near future:Skate more… continue to progress in my skating, expand my shop in the Philippines, Raise money for a skate plaza in San Diego (Mira Mesa) where I grew up skateboarding.  Get my foundation up to speed.  (Willy Santos Foundation) To help get more free skate parks/ plaza built in San Diego as well as in the Philippines.
Sponsors: Birdhouse Skateboards, Tracker Trucks, Satori Wheels, Ninja Bearings, IronHorse Griptape, Upful Hardware, Arnette, Willys Workshop