Tracker Fastrack

An entirely new design from inside out Tracker once again sets a new standard. Our new Fastracks have taken little more than a year from simple sketches on paper to full on production and we couldn’t be happier with the end results. Below are just a few features of the all new Tracker Fastrack, but don’t just take our word for it, try a set and see for yourself why so many are making the switch to the all new Tracker Fastrack.

Fastracks feature an oversized, high rebound upper and lower cushion and have a built in “seat” so that standard size cushions work as well, thus allowing riders to fully tune their set up. Hangers have been engineered to “flip” for even more individual tuning options. Scaled down baseplates save on weight without sacrificing strength and feature 6 holes to accommodate both old and new school bolt patterns.

When you flip the hanger it changes the roll centers for higher speeds, slower reaction, less chance of speed wobbles.
lower axle doesn’t change the geometry, just repositions the axle.

Only Grade A prime 356 aluminum is used in the sand casting process – you can count on Trackers legendary strength. Proudly hand made in Southern California. Please select truck size at checkout – 150mm or 180mm. Please note that trucks are sold as a single ( 1 ) truck.


Buy Tracker Fastrack 180mm – $24.00 per truck

Buy Tracker Fastrack 180mm-Black – $24.00 per truck

Buy Tracker Fastrack 150mm – $24.00 per truck

Buy Tracker Fastrack 150mm Black – $24.00 per truck

  • Tracker Fastracks: Quality, Strength, Aesthetics and Performance.
  • Larger cushions in three hardness’s with standard cushion option.
  • Drop through design option.
  • Best Price and in Stock Now!


Tracker Fastrack Facts:


The Fastrack has the same turning angle, trail and caster as the Randall.

The axle placement is identical.  They are the same widths.

You can flip the hanger for less caster and trail, just like on the Randall.


The pivot and kingpin bosses on the Fastrack are centered over the baseplate.


The centered bosses effectively moved the axle placement rearward in relation to the truck mounting holes.  This locates the truck mounting holes on the Fastrack .500” farther forward than on the Randall.  This means that when mounted on your board the Fastrack wheelbase will be about one inch shorter resulting in tighter turns.  However if your board was designed for Randall trucks the wheel wells could be too far forward causing wheel bite when using Fastracks.  Wheel wells and cutaways could be lengthened or additional mounting holes could be drilled in order to allow identical setups using either the Fastrack or the Randall.


The Fastrack baseplate has internal webbing for strength which allows for a strong and easy drop through deck mounting option. 


The Fastrack hanger has an aesthetically pleasing design and is much stronger than the weaker and more bulky looking Randall hanger.


The Fastrack comes with an oversize conical suspension cushion that is available in three hardness’s.  The Fastrack hanger also has a stepped cushion seat that will accept any standard size cushion and that greatly increases your tension options.  Varying deck widths, rider height, weight and riding style demand a wide range of tension adjustment.


The recent merger of Woodchuck and Tracker has allowed us to order Fastracks in larger quantities utilizing more efficient tooling resulting in a lower cost.  We are passing that savings on to you.  The Tracker Fastrack unit cost is now less than a Randall. 


Tracker Quality, Strength, Aesthetics and Performance and don’t forget our outstanding record of customer service.