Tracker Book

Hello skaters, friends, co-workers, photojournalists, and promoters!

After years of talking about the possibility of publishing The Tracker Trucks book, the time is finally right! My wife Louise has spent a good part of the last three years sorting and organizing the Tracker collection and archives. Early Tracker team manager, skater and photographer Lance Smith, has catalogued thousands of photos and found some real nuggets!

I am reaching out to everyone in the skate community to get engaged in our book. Maybe you rodefor Tracker back in the day, maybe you never rode Tracker, but I bet you have a memorable story that I would love to hear. Maybe you have a photo that you would like to share…it would mean allot to me to see and hear your Tracker Memories…

Dave Hackett is doing the art direction and co-editing the stories. We have gathered a few questions below that may help spark your memory. Any thoughts you submit will not go unnoticed. Of course space in the book will be limited, but digital media has no limit so bring it on! I would love to hear from our whole Tracker Family!

Thanks in advance for any part you wish to play in the celebration of our collective skateboard history- Because without your participation and dedication to skateboarding and Tracker- We’d all still be riding skinny roller skate trucks!


Larry Balma

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