Tracker Axis Model


The Tracker Axis model is our latest design. We steepened the pivot angle, lowered the hanger and painted them with a silicone slick, powder-coat finish that adds length to any kind of grind. Our teamriders describe the feel of the Axis as low and quick. Already a favorite among street skaters, many pool and park skaters are now discovering the Tracker Axis for the first time. Available in 129mm and 139mm and 3 silicone slick finishes to choose from. If you are looking for a low, quick, dependable truck, look no further than the Tracker Axis model. As with all Tracker products, our Axis model is fully guaranteed and proudly made in our Southern California factory. All sizes are hand built with Superball cushions. The Tracker Axis 129 is available in polished silver. The Tracker Axis 139 is only available in polished silver.

Buy Tracker Axis 129/139 Silver – $16.95 per truck