Tracker GSD Eyeball Deck




Keep an eye out! A new 2017 reissue of the Tracker GSD Eyeball deck is available now. Clocking in at 9″ x 29.5″, it features the classic GSD bomb shape and simple graphics, made for the actual world and everything now. A total of 52 decks were produced at Watson Laminates (the same company who originally made ’em in 1985) and are available in four silk-screened (not heat transferred) colorways: Orange (an orange stain with a hospital green and white ink), Forest (a green stain with orange and yellow ink), Lemon (a yellow stain with lavender and white ink), and Chocolate (a brown stain with mustard yellow and white ink). The Orange, Forest and Lemon colorways are reissues of the very first colorways of the Tracker GSD Eyeball deck from 1985. The Chocolate colorway is brand new, and never available before. For the 2017 reissue, GSD himself painstakingly re-drew the deck graphics in Illustrator, chose the colorways and hand-signed and numbered all of the decks on the top. Each deck comes complete with a 24-page booklet made by GSD featuring rare photos and drawings from the period (a few unseen), and a history of the deck. Don’t blink! These decks will disappear soon!