8″ Classic Sixtrack Ultralight Black BP



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The Tracker SixTrack debuted in 1979 and was the first choice of Professional skateboarders worldwide.  During the late 70’s Tracker co-founder Gary Dodds prototyped a base that was actually lighter than the Magnesium bases.  With aerial maneuvers gaining more and more popularity, a light truck was key. Some of our Pro’s found that when their trucks were really tight, there was a little flex in the base.  Dodds and Balma redesigned the nylon base in the mid 80’s and the Ultralite base was born.As skating progressed further, a few riders still found some flex in the Vydynyte material used in the Ultralite bases.  Constant R&D from the Tracker team solved the problem in the late 80’s with a new and improved Carbon Graphite Composite material.  We have dug into the vaults and released a limited amount of both the Ultralight and the Duralite carbon graphite bases.

 Classic SixTrack box set

SixTrack hanger / Late 80’s Ultralite baseplate     325g