A little Ride Channel love!


Cool little piece by the Ride Channel’s Leland Ware, We are very honored!



Skateboarding is clearly in the DNA of culture worldwide. You know we’ve arrived when you have institutions like the Smithsonian recognizing things like skateboard trucks. That actually happened when the Smithsonian Museum of American History-Sports Innovation honored Tracker Trucks.

In 1975, the company introduced the Fultrack, a truck that served as a blueprint for everything that came after it. The model, designed by Larry Balma, Dave Dominy, and Gary Dodds, was created for the skateboarding of the day, which was progressing as a result of the urethane wheel. Before that, roller skate trucks were the norm.

As Transworld Business reports, Tracker will be part of the Smithsonian’s collection of American innovations. The company’s contributions to skating are also chronicled in a recent book, Tracker: Forty Years Skateboard History.