Tracker Signing / Reunion Photos


Well that couldn’t have gone any better! What a great turn out for the event, so many Tracker alum it was insane, I would love to list all the attendees but that would be a pretty long one so check out a few pics from the shin dig here shot by the one and only Jim Goodrich.  Was really great seeing everyone together.  Special thanks to Louise and Larry Balma for getting the entire thing set and to the California surf museum for the fantastic venue!  Cheers to an awesome night Tracker trucks fam!

pic 1: Tracker Represent!

pic 2: Dave Hackett , Lonnie Toft and Greg Ayres

pic 3: Larry Balma, Jim Gray and Dave Dominy

pic 4: Group shot,  A collection of skateboardings greats!

pic 5: again, Legends !

pic 6: The Photographer responsible for the fine pics  in this blog, Jim Goodrich and the Professor Paul Schmitt



product trackHackett Toft Ayreslarry jim dave

tracker group 2

tracker group

Jim Goodrich and Paul Schmitt