Birdhouse- Feaster full video

Skateboarding was a lot different in 1992. The companies that had dominated the ’80s were faltering, and a new collection of brands, many, if not all, of them headed by skaters, was rising. Birdhouse Projects was part of that movement. Tony Hawk started the company knowing he wanted to release a video quickly, so he […]

Birdhouse Feasters Documentary.

The changes skateboarding was going through in the early ’90s were impossible to ignore. Street skating had all but eclipsed vert, and the so-called Big 5 companies had given way to a slew of scrappy, skater-owned startups. Among them was Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Projects. After leaving Powell Peralta, Hawk assembled a team that included Jeremy […]

NOS Neil Blender 707 decks in stock!

…………….. Well soon any way.    Just got the word from Watson Laminates USA that the extremely limited NOS 707 Neil Blender decks are ready to pick up, stoked! They feature original art from a never released model and new art Done by Neil for this project! A few are still remaining after the Kickstarter campaign……and will be available soon! 

Simon Woodstock ridin’ 16!

Our man simon is back at it with the 16 wheeler and pulls off some pretty cool stuff. All this and he shows his comic genius at the end of the edit!  Good on you Brother;  keep up the positivity!

Willy Santos Connecting the Dots

Willy Santos went to work for this full length part presented by the Ride Channel and Arnette. This guy has been in the game for a minute with no signs of slowing up. Congrats on a job well done sir! Impressive!      

Tracker Trucks to be honored at 2015 I.A.S.C awards

Looks like Tracker is up for an Icon award at this years International Association of Skateboard Companies Summit and we couldn’t be more honored to share the evening with none other than Vans founder and all around legend Steve Van Doren along with James O’Mahoney, founder of World Skateboarding Federation and Skateboarder Magazine in 1975. The event […]

Black Altar Apparel welcomes Matt Pennington

A new part from Matt Pennington??????? Count me in; this guy sees skateboarding a little differently and tears it a new ass!  Always refreshing mr. Pennington, always so very refreshing……. Enjoy and be prepared to need to skate after seeing this.

G.S.D / SkateFate / Tracker Book

As Im sure you have heard, The History of Tracker Trucks Book will be available this Summer!  We were stoked to work with life long Tracker rider G.S.D on the project, he absolutely killed it!  I did a little digging and found this little article by Vice from a few years back Detailing the release […]

Quinny Longboard Stroller

Pretty ingenious idea right here folks!  Tracker is proud to be the Truck Manufacturer for one of the coolest things i have seen in a while! No set release date as of yet but I think they are getting close!  Only available in europe to start but….If there is a will there is a way! […]

TWS Legend Award : Jay Adams

TWS Legend Award: Jay Adams February 20, 2015By TWS This year’s Legend Award goes to Jay Adams—easily one of the most influential, if not the most influential skateboarder ever—who passed away this past August at the age of 53 while on a surf trip to Mexico. In the simplest sense, Jay Adams took what had […]