Rest in Peace Skatemaster Tate

  We’re saddened to report that Gerry “SkateMaster Tate” Hurtado passed away this morning at 4:15 a.m. with his friends and family by his side. As previously reported, Gerry was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer a couple of weeks ago, and has succumbed to the condition. SkateMaster Tate was the host of SK8 TV during the early ‘90s. The show was the first time that […]

Book Signing at the Ca. Surf Museum

Back in 1975, the Tracker Fultrack was the first truck in history made specifically for skateboarding by skateboarders to incorporate high quality, performance and strength. Trackers truly were (and still are) the Trucks You Can Trust. On Tracker’s 40th anniversary, those four words continue to be the driving force of the brand. TRACKER – Forty […]

Woodstock’s awesome quiver

Simon Woodstock has aways thought outside the box giving him a pretty unique advantage in marketing himself to the skateboard community.  While he took a little hiatus from the skateboard world a few years back to pursue other life goals, he couldn’t deny his love for skating…. Such is usually the case. These days Simons […]

Hosoi’s first published photo

10 year old Christian Hosoi’s first published photo in Skateboarder Magazine June 1980  Photo – Ted Terrebonne      Originally posted to the History of Skateboarding Facebook page by Jason Lilly  Thanks for sharing this epic shot!

Tracker Family on Facebook

We started up a group page on Facebook to share all things Tracker!  May also be a great opportunity to connect with other Tracker aficionados and locate sought after  products.  So join the group and share your photos and stories about all things Tracker Trucks!!      

Epicly Palestine’d

Kudos to Vice Magazine for doing this piece, very interesting indeed. The story of how a small group of teenagers created a skate scene from scratch in a place where you can’t even buy a skateboard, whilst facing the challenges of living under military occupation. Enjoy and for more information contact

A little Ride Channel love!

Cool little piece by the Ride Channel’s Leland Ware, We are very honored!   Skateboarding is clearly in the DNA of culture worldwide. You know we’ve arrived when you have institutions like the Smithsonian recognizing things like skateboard trucks. That actually happened when the Smithsonian Museum of American History-Sports Innovation honored Tracker Trucks. In 1975, the […]

Tracker Trucks in the Smithsonian!

The Balmas just got back from Washington DC where they put a copy of the Tracker Book and an early first production Tracker Truck into the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. It was a great honor to be able to have Tracker Trucks a part of American History. Here’s a great article by TWBusiness, check it out […]