Jim Gray on 219s

Jim Gray on 219s

Skimboarding on my 12 x 34 Sims Carbon Kick, with Tracker 219′s and Grä 60mm 95a Wheels… So rad feeling that much truck on coping… Bible Bowl Photo: Paul Schmitt frame capture on #GoPro

Z-Flex / Jay Adams Bowl Jam and Contest

If you were in Venice California this past weekend chances are you had a blast at the Z-Flex skateboards / Jay Adams Bowl Jam!  Good times were had by all. Look forward to seeing you all next year!   Jay puts his 149mm signature Axis to work before the kids start competing! Someone was busy all day signing, [...]

Welcome to the Family Matt Pennington

Matt Pennington

Matt is very unique on a skateboard;  He sees things a little differently than most and thats a great thing!  Just watch his “Ordinary Madness” part from Death Skateboards below and you will understand my meaning.  We are beyond stoked to have Matt a part of the Tracker Trucks family. Check out his team page [...]

Press Release: Tracker trucks book

After many years of “Anticipated Creation” TRACKER TRUCKS has teamed up with Award winning Designer and Former Tracker Rider, Dave Hackett to Design and Co-Author Tracker’s Definitive Archive of over 40 Years of Skateboarding’s first modern truck. TRACKER TRUCKS: “40 YEARS OF TRUCKS YOU CAN TRUST” (Working Title.)   The origin of TRACKER TRUCKS dates [...]

Sky Siljeg @ Tim Brauch Memorial

 Congrats to Sky for his 3rd Place finish at the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest. Sky was skating fast and hitting all the corners. Check out the video footage of the event.  

Concrete Wave ad Sept 2012

Tracker just released their Latest Concrete Wave magazine print ad featuring Fastrack 180mm with Nipples bushings from Orangatang wheels