When you dedicate your life to speed like Mr. Roger Hickey has, it must feel special to accomplish something as remarkable as reaching 100MPH on a skateboard of any sort. Well done sir, and a big ole congratulations rom your friends over here at Tracker Trucks.  Thank you for being such an awesome representative for […]

Another Satisfied Ripper

Some kind words from Mr. Pete Talbot, Cheers! hi tracker, i have been riding dart 184’s for a while now, and i must tell you they are awesome in every way, i had indy 215’s for a long time and just figured 10 inch trucks didn’t have any feel, till i got dart 184’s i […]

The Unjust with Jesse Martinez

Pretty cool little flick looking at the Venice park and its #1 Supporter Jesse Martinez. The boys of Dog Town have certainly left a huge mark on Skateboarding! Jesse Martinez was and still is one of the most prolific skateboarders of our generation. Along with Natas Kapas Jesse revolutionized the way skateboarders attacked the streets. […]

The Almighty Pukewizard

Introducing the one and only ‪Pukewizard thats right folks, Amadeus does things his way with the support of  GGI Skates and his gnarly 219mm Dart’s! Now thats a beefy set up! Keep posted for more from awesomeness from the Wizard!

Tracker Family

Glen Jones just ordered up a new set of Axis 149mm and sent us this sweep pic shredding the gnar! Thanks for the support Glen!

Abraham Dubin in DIM SUM

Kevin sums it up pretty well so I will let his words do the work but I have to say Tracker is stoked to have Abe representing ! Abraham Dubin in DIM SUM April 07, 2016 By TWS DIM SUM is a new indie video out of the Boston/Providence/New England area. Here’s Abe Dubin’s part who you may […]

OG Jam series Fontana

Its that time of the year once again and the OG’s are all geared up to get down in Fontana Ca. this Saturday! If you are in the area stop by and check out the the first of five events, fun to be had by all! Check out the flyer for details and an edit […]