Jay Adams Signature Axis 149 Update

After Jay’s Passing we removed the Jay Adams signature trucks from the store and website. We feel it is inappropriate for us to market or profit from the circumstances in any way. Jay will be featured in the upcoming History of Tracker Trucks book being released shortly, this is how we chose to Honor Jays [...]

New Distribution in the U.K!!!

Tracker trucks is now proudly distributed by Power Distribution. We’re stoked on Power because it is such a great fit for Tracker. POWER DISTRIBUTION = DISTRIBUTION OF POWER    SKATER OWNED & OPERATED SKATEBOARD DISTRIBUTION.    TEL: 020 8421 4224    EMAIL: POWERDIST@MAC.COM

I Can’t Stand Skating the Jesse Swalley Story

The Jesse Swalley Story Jesse is a perfect example of a person who refuses to give up and is living his life too the fullest.  We are stoked to keep Jesse rolling on Tracker Trucks.  Check out his story and get out there for a skate!

Scott Adams / Tracker lifer

Scott Adams has been a huge fan of Tracker his whole life, growing up and shredding with Tracker legend Bill Danforth in their home town near Detroit.  Fast forward a few years and Scott is still shredding daily on his Tracker ultra-light sixtracks but now it is in his very own, Teampain paradise in his Colorado [...]

2014 Skate for a Cause event

The 2014 Ryan Sheckler skate for a cause event took place this past weekend and was an overwhelming success to say the least.  Here are a few pics from the event featuring some Tracker Family! All pictures shot by Jeremy Wray.      

Simon Woodstock’s Tribute to Lonnie Toft

Two legendary names, two different eras, two people known for their innovation and creativity in skateboarding. Lonnie Toft and Simon Woodstock. This is Simon’s tribute to Lonnie and his multi wheeled boards that lonnie was riding back in the late 70′s/early 80′s. Simon put his own little twist on Lonnie’s original design of the outrageous [...]

Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2014

http://skateboarding.transworld.net/1000195946/videos/zumiez-best-foot-forward-2014-episode-1/ Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Bones Bearings episode 1. Patrick Melcher, Daniel Shimizu, Clint Peterson, and Kyle Frederick swung through L.A., San Diego, and Phoenix on the first leg of the summer tour. Check the full schedule for upcoming stops. Winners: Los Angeles, CA 1. Zac Kovacs aka Ducky 2. Gage Boyle 3. Taylor [...]