Tailblock Wednesday w Brad Edwards

Saw this sweet pic of Brad shot by none other than Deadflowers and figured I would post it along with a Tracker edit from the not too distant past. Heres to a great remainder to the week!  Hope this helps you over the hump.  

El Gato Classic Palm springs

The First Annual El Gato Classic went down this weekend in Palm Springs,CA. Reuniting the Legends & Pioneers of Skateboarding. Hosted By: Eddie & Dawn Elguera  

One of A Kind 16 Wheeled Skateboard! for sale

Mr. Simon Woodstock had a tooth pulled and has a stupid dentist bill too pay so he is auctioning off his one of a kind, Lonnie Toft inspired board on Ebay. below is a link and a picture of said board. Want to own a killer piece of history?  Now you can. http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-of-A-Kind-16-Wheeled-Skateboard-Custom-Toft-Sims-Inspired-/111579640932  

Truck Bolts Blog / St. Pete Ramp

  By the early 80s, Skateboarding, an activity known to attract the odd balls and outcasts of society had left me still feeling a bit out of place. The few skateboarders at the time were either leftover classic rockers or “Skate Rock” punks. My tastes leaned more toward post punk as I discovered Joy Division and […]

Anchor Hardware / Danforth colab

KIller new graphic from our friends over at  Anchor Hardware.  Grab a t shirt and go acid drop off your local ramp.  If your a fan of the American nomad then you need one of these bad boys!    

Arnette Family Vacation parts 1&2

The Arnette Skateboarding team travels to Spain to spend a few days exploring the streets of Madrid. Featuring Pat Duffy, Scott Decenzo, Javier Sarmiento, Sierra Fellers, Cristian Sanchez, Willy Santos, Alain Goikoetxea, Danny Leon, and Fries Tallieu.

Bill Danforth/ Alva re-issue release party

Many of of skateboardings finest friends gathered at SK8supply.com to eat food, listen to music, sell classic skate stuff, watch a sweet slide show and check out the Alva re-issue of the one and only Bill Danforth’s Alva skulls deck and mini Nomad.  The boards came out excellent, Silk screened by hand and 100% made […]

Bill Danforth / Alva / Reissue tomorrow!

  I started riding for Madrid back in 1981 or so. I was traveling everywhere, doing demonstrations and skating hard. In 1986, Alva Skates made me an offer to skate for them. If I recall correctly, the team on Madrid had dwindled away. I had always looked up to Tony Alva since I was a […]

TBT Jeff Phillips Love letters

Vans and Jeff Grosso have done a great job keeping the history of skateboarding alive and on the minds of the newer generations.  Keeping them honest if you will.  Jeff Phillips impact on skateboarding was huge….. try and think of 10 guys that have ever done a phillips 66……. exactly!

“tre flips” with Simon Woodstock

Our good friend Simon Woodstock has started a new trick tip series and absolutely nailed it with the first installment.  Nothing like a professional skateboarder with a great sense of humor.  Keep em coming Simon! Filmed and edited by Jeremey Wilson