Barr and Brummet in the Kootnays

Jason Barr and Old Dirty Brummet have been up in BC shredding it up for Josh Evin.  This back noseblunt slide is at the Slocan Park.  FYI, the bowl at the Slocan park is one of the best ever.  Go skate it!   More to come on Barr and Brums adventure soon.

Tracker @ We Are Skateboarders premiere. Venice, CA

Tracker guys out in force at the We Are Skateboarders premiere in Venice. Ward and Brummet put some schralp time in on the ramp. Lester even popped in for an appearance. Jeff pretty much shut the ramp down. This heela-monster on the vert wall was one of many rediculous things to go down. The film […]

Welcome back J.T.M.R.

That’s right, John Reeves is once again taking it to the streets with Tracker Trucks beneath his feet. It’s only fitting that a true street skating pioneer would choose to represent a company with as much experience as he has. John and Tracker go way back, and now are set to go way forward. Welcome […]

Greg Fountain custom painted Trackers

Greg Fountain has been putting his art skills to good use. He painted these one of a kind Trackers with realistic flames. They will go to the first place winner of the Cook Street Skate Contest held in Sioux City Iowa in 2 weeks. This is one of the biggest skate events in the Midwest, […]


Nic and Tristan Puehse got the Thrasher Stoke of the Day. Good job guys!