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Dan Cates

Dan is the newest addition to the Tracker team and were couldn’t be happier about it!Dan looks at skateboarding a little differently than most and that may actually be an understatement.  Take a look at some f his shots and video edits for a lesson in fun kids; Dan definitely has it all figured out! Welcome to the dysfunctional family Dan!

Truck setup: I ride the Dart’s; 149’s on my street board and 219’s on my tranny board. I like them fairly loose.
What do you skate and what is your favorite spot: I ride pretty much anything I can get my wheels on, but i have a soft spot for crusty ditches and forgotten 70’s skateparks. My favourite spot would have to be Quito in Ecuador, or Australia.
What keeps you going: Drinking tea because I’m British and that’s what we do here.
What is your near future: I’m in the process of trying to move to the coast, so hopefully there will be more surfing, more skating, more filming, and my own bowl in the back garden. I also have a trip to the states planned for next year.
Sponsors: Death Skateboards, Tracker Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Dephect Clothing, Victory Hardware, Rush Bearings, CRV WKD, Skate Pharmacy.