Classic SixTracks & ExTracks Box set – NOS –











The Tracker SixTrack debuted in 1979 and was the Number 1 choice of Pro Skaters worldwide.  During the late 70’s, Tracker co-founder Gary Dodds prototyped a nylon baseplate that was actually lighter than the Magnesium bases.  With aerial maneuvers just coming on lightness was the key.  Skaters that rode their trucks tight found that there was flex in the base.  Gary and Larry redesigned the nylon baseplate in the mid 80’s and the new stiffer Ultralite Base was born.  As skating progressed a few skaters still found some flex in the New Vydynyte material.  By the late 80’s Trackers constant R&D found the perfect Carbon Graphite Composite material.  Stiff, Ultralite and Strong as Hell.  Larry has dug into his historic collection and released a limited amount of these Duralite Carbon Graphite Bases.


O   Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Classic Aluminum Baseplate   400g Light

O   Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Classic Ultralite Baseplate       325g Lighter

O   Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Late 80’s Ultralite Baseplate    325g Lighter       

O   Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Carbon Graphite Baseplate     325g Lighter

O   Magnesium SixTrack Hanger/Magnesium Baseplate           325g Lighter

O   Magnesium SixTrack Hanger/Carbon Graphite Baseplate   290g Lightest


Buy Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Carbon Graphite Baseplate – $50 per box

Buy Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Late 80’s Ultralite Baseplate – $50 per box

Buy Aluminum SixTrack Hanger/Mid 80’s Ultralite Baseplate – $50 per box



In 1975 Tracker introduced the Tracker FulTrack.  At 4 1/4” (106mm) wide it dwarfed the tiny roller skate trucks of the day. Many skaters weren’t ready for such a wide truck so Tracker built a HafTrack 2 5/8” (66mm) and next a MidTrack 3 3/8”  (85mm) wide.  By 1978 boards had begun to widen and Tracker introduced the Tracker ExTrack Truck.  A full 5” (127mm) wide the modern street truck had been cast and we thought it was built for Skateparks, Pools and Ditches!  By the very late 80’s, Streetskating began to dominate the scene.  In 1986 Garry Skate Davis, GSD, was the first Pro Street skater with a signature model deck.  Garry rode Tracker Classic Aluminum baseplates with ExTrack hangers and ground them on the curbs until he wore halfway through the steel axles!  Now 1990’s with tiny wheels and Ollie’s to everything Tracker designed an ultra low center of gravity baseplate, the Tracker B52.

O   Aluminum ExTrack Hanger/Classic Aluminum Baseplate    383g Light

O   Aluminum ExTrack Hanger/B52 Baseplate                          354g Lighter

O   Aluminum ExTrack Hanger/Carbon Graphite Baseplate       308g Lightest


Buy Aluminum ExTrack Hanger/Carbon Graphite Baseplate – $50 per box


Buy Aluminum ExTrack Hanger/B52 Baseplate – $50 per box