Is This Skateboarding “FL”

Well the fine gentlemen over at fancy Lad Skateboards have done it again and this time its a doozy!  Is This Skateboarding will have you smiling from start to finish and if it doesn’t, check your pulse because you probably aren’t breathing!  We have to give a special shout out to Tracker family member Abe […]

Simon Woodstock Epicly Latered?

Not sure if this is happening 100% but Simon sent me this pic this weekend. Would definitely be super cool to see. Simon was in the thick of it and was some what of a marketing genius! Hope it comes to fruition.

the Berrics / Wilshire rails

The Berrics has a new segment where they explore all of the famous skate spots around greater LA, This weeks clips Theotis Beasley discusses the Wilshire 10 stair and 15 stair and while he doesn’t mention that many of the tricks that have been done, He mentions Patrick Melchers mind melting Hurricane grind down the […]

Melchers skate shop is awesome!

The Berrics just released a great edit show casing Tracker professional Patrick Melchers brick and mortar store. check it out and hit them up next time you are in the LA area! LOS ANGELES PINS KINGSWELL   JANUARY 21, 2016 Patrick Melcher and DJ Chavez started Kingswell to provide the east-side skate community a proper […]

R.I.P Larry Gordon G&S Skateboards

  Many of the original Gordon & Smith skateboard team gathered together this morning to celebrate the life of Larry Gordon at one of his favorite surf spots. RIP Larry Gordon. — with Dave Hackett, Billy Ruff, Dave McIntyre – G&S, Steve Cathey, Dennis Martinez, Stacy Peralta, Jim Gray and Neil Blender at Tourmaline Surfing Park.  

Neil Blender footage, timeless!

Browsing FB this morning, saw this Neil Blender part and figured it might help you over the hump this fine Wednesday. Hope it does the trick for you! Cheers.