Dan Cates

Dan is the newest addition to the Tracker team and were couldn’t be happier about it!Dan looks at skateboarding a little differently than most and that may actually be an understatement.  Take a look at some f his shots and video edits for a lesson in fun kids; Dan definitely has it all figured out! […]

Matt Pennington

Matt is very unique on a skateboard; He sees things a little differently than most and thats a great thing!  Just watch his “Ordinary Madness” part from Death Skateboards below and you will understand my meaning.  We are beyond stoked to have Matt a part of the Tracker Trucks family. Truck setup : I like […]

Misc 70’s

– Gnarly Trucks – Archery Flex / Tracker – The Tracker Coper – 757 Decks by Tracker – ExTrack – Number One

Misc 80’s

– G.S.D Decks -Tracker Decks – Dan Wilkes – Tracker Trucks – Lester Kasai Decks

Misc 90’s

– Steve bacon – Streetrack – Omar Hassan – “Don’t Be Dissin” – Mark Partain – Omar Hassan – Mike McGill – Lester Kasai – Tony Hawk – Sam Cunningham – Aggro Trucks – Tracker Product


– Chris Yandell – D. Webster – Ray Underhill – Ray Underhill – Tracker Trucks – Six / Ex / Full / Half / Mid – Tracker Tool – Torger Johnson – Anders Polpanek – Anders Pulpanek – T-Shirt Designs – The Tracker system – Space Pads – Pierre Andre – Rouse – Tracker Hafpipe […]