Adam Taylor takes 2nd at Oi Vert Jam!

Well, someone from North America had to step it up and give the Brasilians a run for thier money at the Oi Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro this year. Adam Taylor was that man! Keep up the work Adam. Congrats.

Tracker at Florida Bowl Riders

” The Granddaddy of all Skateparks”, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville FL hosted once again the Florida Bowl Riders Cup. Lester was ripping the Masters, In the Pro division Greg Fountain made the finals the first day, Sky Siljed Made the finals the second day. This was a World Cup of Skateboarding event. Kona and Tracker […]

Tracker at Bondi Bowl-O-Rama

Lester, Sky, and Mik Mulhall were all representing Tracker at the Bondi Beach Bowl-O-Rama. Mik even managed to take 3rd in the Masters. Rest assured, all were ripping though. Thanks Lester for the pic.

Greg Harbour Pics

The 1031 tour wrapped up and everyone survived. Tracker rider Greg Harbour sent me over a few random pics from the trip. Check em.

1031 Dead of Winter Tour

Tracker Life Time Team Member Bill Danforth is on tour with 1031 Skateboards and Landshark Wheels. Along on the tour is fellow Tracker riders Greg Fountain and Greg Harbour. They are now dodging snow storms on the east coast. 16 demos and over 7000 miles. From San Diego to Houston to Boston to Ohio and […]

Sky in the Sky

Tracker rider Sky Siljeg is on the move this winter. He is leaving the cold and coming down to Cali later this month. After that, he will be heading down to Australia for the Vans Bowl-O-Rama concrete series. Check out for coverage of the events.