Tracker gains Barrier Kult support

Barrier Kult primary members  DEPTH LEVIATHAN DWELLER and DEER MAN OF DARK WOODS have incorporated DANFORTH SIXTRACK WORSHIP into their daily ritual.   Barriers worldwide will feel the wrath of this mighty alliance as their unground edges will now be defenseless to the onslaught of the BA KU.   You can see the work of […]

Matt Lonergan on Tracker

Matt kills it.   We are hyped to have him on the program.  Check out his interview on Typical Culture.   We’ll post some footy soon also.    Yeah Matt.  

Jay Adams signature trucks!

Jay Adams stopped by the other day to grab some new gear and work on some stuff. The Jay Adams signature truck is in the works right now and should be dropping sometime soon. Here he is at the office with fellow Z-Boy Butch Sturbins.

Sky Siljeg wins Rock the Cradle!!!

Sky Siljeg won the 3rd annual Rock the Cradle for Johnny Kicks Cancer.    Sky edged out Bucky Lasek and Kevin Kowalsky for his first Pro win.   Congratulations Sky, killing it as usual.

JBarr SRH blog

JBarr has a new blog he is doing on the SRH site.   He is repping his Trackers front and center here right along with his PBR.   Nice.   Go to to check it out.

1031 Tour

There is yet another 1031 tour in progress right now and Tracker riders Greg Harbour is on board.   Show up and reek some havoc with these guys.