Truck Stop Package

                            Truck stop package includes: 300 hardware & nuts / 10 rubber shock pads 50 axle nuts / 50 axle washers 25 kingpins / 50 kingpin nuts 25 small & 25 large cupped washers

Tracker Superball Replacement Cushions

Superball Cushions – 82A Blue Swirl Superball Cushions – 88A Orange Swirl Superball Cushions – 95A Green Swirl Buy Tracker Superball Cushions – $3.00 (set of 2 bushings)(choose the hardness at purchase)

Classic SixTracks & ExTracks Box set – NOS –

                  The Tracker SixTrack debuted in 1979 and was the Number 1 choice of Pro Skaters worldwide.  During the late 70’s, Tracker co-founder Gary Dodds prototyped a nylon baseplate that was actually lighter than the Magnesium bases.  With aerial maneuvers just coming on lightness was the key.  […]